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Nearly all of us are involved in real estate contracts, often in both the residential and commercial arenas. These agreements can be rather complex and full of extensive legal terminology. The unfortunate reality is that disagreements arise between parties, often resulting in litigation. Alternatively, external natural or economic events might also occur that result in similar legal action. Thus you might find yourself in need of expert testimony. Given the high stakes involved, it is essential that you choose the right firm for accurate real estate valuations. Since 1990 banks, financial institutions, commercial and residential real estate developers, government agencies, lawyers, insurers, and mortgage and title companies have consistently chosen RD Clifford Associates for county services in litigation support at New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

RD Clifford Associates provides you with experienced litigation support experts who can testify with clarity and credibility on the business issues and situations being litigated, on relevant financial practices and theory, and on their own accurate analysis of the claims for monetary damages.

  • Litigation/Arbitration Valuations
  • Divorce Settlement Consult
  • Estate Settlement Consult
  • Expert testimony

The issues can be rather complex and daunting, and include such matters as the division of assets in real estate partnerships; valuations of property in lease renewals; appraisals in divorce or estate litigation; the return of capital on a failed development project; economic damage estimates; insurance valuation; tax assessments; and foreclosures, bankruptcies, and defaults. We have expertly handled all of these cases and always take the time to explain to our clients in clear and concise language the nature of our findings. Through the years, individuals as well as private, public, and government agencies, have turned to RD Clifford Associates for its superior services in litigation support in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.