Real Estate Valuation Services

With a dedicated team of expert appraisers specializing in industrial, commercial, special purpose, or multi-family properties, RD Clifford Associates is equipped to efficiently handle any of your real estate appraisal needs. Whether you require real estate valuation for financing, divorce proceeding, partition suits, equitable distribution, partial interest, or inheritance tax purposes, RD Clifford Associates provides exceptional services in a timely manner, at competitive market rates.

We are a full-service real estate appraisal firm and we take pride in both our expertise and experience concerning the valuation of real estate. We are focused to deliver every appraisal project quickly and efficiently, providing you the confidence based on our in-depth research, qualified data sources, independent third party due diligence, and objective expertise.

Providing the highest level of expertise.
We employ only the best professional and appraisers with the highest degree of education and integrity which allows us a varied pool of talent to draw upon, ensuring that we meet the highest standards.

Constantly evolving
We are constantly working to improve our service offering. We thrive on our customer’s feedback to constantly upgrade our services. Never being satisfied with being just good enough, we strive to excel in every service we provide. This means we are constantly learning and evolving.

Providing accessibility at all times
The real estate market is both dynamic and challenging. We understand that due to the complicated nature of the real estate valuation process, our clients will have a lot of questions along the way. Therefore, we are available round the clock to quickly resolve any questions.

Building the trust of our clients
We are proud of the clients we have worked with over the years. We believe that our reputation is perhaps our strongest asset in the business world, thus, we take our reputation very seriously and appreciate it immensely. We employ every means and standards to do our job well, knowing that every job reflects well on us and our clients.